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.........The Secret World of Affiliate Marketing...

You can do this no matter where you are sittting right now.

_________________WHETHER IT BE IN:

Albania, Croatia, Czech Republic, Nigeria or many of the Nations of Africa, Hungary, China, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, India, US, UK, Ireland and Australia. Of course I could go on and on...



Even If you don't own a computer you can do this from your local Internet Cafe. All of the affiliate materials and tools are on the sites themselves. Thats how easy it is.

______________The Switch is always on

Remember your Website or blog is always turned on day and night 24/7 always recieving web traffic even after you turn your computer off people are still surfing and visiting your site you really need to take advantage of this traffic.

_____________Affilliate or Refferral links

as they are referred to are usually located at the bottom of a Web site's homepage.

__________________Monetize it!

In this tough economic climate you need to take advantage of any extra revenue stream possible . All you have to do is put one or two ads on your Blog, Website, Hi 5 page, Myspace page etc. It links to the advertiser and you make commissions on the leads. Unlike adsense you get a bigger cut out of these sales. _____________

Peter Tremayne's_______________Zero to fifty in 30 days!

___________________Free Stuff

The truth is a lot of this stuff and the tools that you need are just a mouse click away free web sites, free search engine submitters, traffic sites etc. To get you started I have a few on my site on the left.


Mainstay online retail outlet companies such as CLICKBANK and Comission Junction are good starting places. They create a wide variety menu of online Marketplace goods and services, from Credit Cards to acne remedies.

If you have the time I suggest you visit the above links and read up on these companies. They are responsible for the main sources of online advertisements today.

________________Legitimate Companies

These legitimate companies programs are not only free to join, but when you visit their sites you may be surprised to see a lot of familiar brand names. That is because they also handle a lot of advertising for many Fortune 500 companies.

____________Established Online 10+ years

CLICKBANK and Commission Junction have both been around for 10 plus years they are very professional to deal with and will pay you ontime.

not only should you use Google's ads but your own as well you get more of a share of revenue if you use your own ads.


if not thousands of dollars in revenue per month. You should optimize your website and take advantage of this traffic by offering ads and maximize your site or blog's profits. this blogs main purpose is to inform and of course get you plugged in. this is a lot of word of mouth advertising. So you have to be very clever and creative on your approach.

_______"Share a Sale True Performance Marketing"

______Affiliate Stimulus check in the mail or Paypal

You are paid mostly by paypal or sent a check by mail. As a reminder PayPal accounts can be opened in just about anywhere in the World.. so all can participate. Many have a minimum check amount before sending out so please read all the details when you visit or join each program.

_________Numbers, Numbers, Numbers count....

It's simple, if you get them business or clients, you will get paid.. Be visible everywhere and anywhere. Make flyers put on cars, in Grocery stores, the outside of mailboxes please not inside them, that is against the law. Make business cards put everywhere give out to people. Put them in Coffee shops, Starbucks etc...Go crazy, I think you get my point. The more sign-ups you get the more money you make. The key is numbers the more places you put your affiliate ads online , everywhere. The more money you make. If you want you can even send most of them out by mass email and create an emailing list.

______How to create cash streams on a shoestring.

___________that is the main theme of my blog

_____________Respected Affiliate Gurus?
I am sure the respected online marketing 'Gurus' such as Michael Andrews, Brian Wynn,Brent Austin, Nick Marks,Yaro Starak and even the dude with the attitude The Rich Jerk are going to get really angry at me. For spilling the beans. If you don't know who these guys are each name has a link to there Websites just to be fair to them. You should check them out they are very interesting on how they make something so simple be so sophisticated.

___________________Good Luck!!
Good Luck!!
and may your blog turn green with cash or yellow or blue or red depending on what part of the world you live.

I absolutely want to thank you for taking your valuable time to read my blog!!

If you would like me to send you an email with all the affiliate links to these money making programs please leave your email and I will send you all the links to these very profitable programs.

You will recieve free Tips and Resources for successful advertising and monetizing your site or blog on a shoestring budget. (For a limited time only) Fill in the form below. _________

No spam policy I promise not to sell or share your email with any third parties

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_________Is the mother of all Affiliate advertisers.
Founded in 1998, ClickBank is the online retail outlet for over 10,000 digital product publishers and their 100,000 active affiliates.
_________________Every 3 seconds
ClickBank makes a sale somewhere in the world every three seconds. They serve over 200 countries, and are consistently ranked as one of the most highly trafficked sites on the web.

visit the link and go to the link Marketplace. and you will see what I mean.

_______________________very simple,
_______put the banners on your site and earn loads of cash
_________(some affiliates earn up to $50,000 per month.)

________*please visit sites for more program info*

Host Gator - visit official affiliate google blogspot for details
1x Web Hosting -Up to $150 per sale*visit site for details
Jumpline -to join program look to the bottom of homepage
Go Daddy-20% commision or up to $105 per hosting plan
__________WebHostingBuzz -$60 per sale
___________Dot5 Hosting -$85 per referral
___________Start Logic - $100 per referral
___________Host Papa -$60 per sale

___________Digidotz-$50 per sale
___________Blue Host- $65 per sign-up
___________Host Monster-$65 per sign-up
Lunar Pages -$65 base commission rate, $5 2nd tier
Web Hostingpad - *check site for payment per sale
Naked Hosting -$65 per sale*visit site for payout details EboundHost- $100 for shared hosting* visit site for details


AWeber affiliate pays 30% commissions annualy per subscription
AWeber - Email Marketing Made Easy
V_______H____oHow High can you Go!___
____Earn very high commissions and go as high as you wanna go.
Easy Forex the orange signup bar up above offers two types of___ programs that are very profitable if you are a big firm or an ______________independent website owner.
Zulu Trade pays $100-$1 million depending on your amount _______________________of clients

___________*please visit sites for complete details*


Search Engine Optimization

(SEO) search engine optimization company. *please visit site for more details on program.* excellent sub-affiliate program as well. I also suggest you watch the free demo videos on their site explaining what (SEO) is all about.

When a customer comes from your site, this is your referral forever. Even if the customer decides to purchase another product from us today or next year. If they initially came from your site and you're still an active partner, you get the commission.
And that's not all...You can build your own affiliate network. Anyone that joins our affiliate program from your link automatically becomes your sub-affiliate. This means you earn a 5% commission from all their sales.
There are two different types of affiliates - those who will earn $100 a month in referral fees and those who will earn over $1,000 a month in referral fees.

Surveys & Trail Product Offers Referral

Especially, great for college students. If you live in a dorm. Pass it along and get other dorm members get them involved and you Get Paid$$ Just for referring. here's a blogspot for more of these programs please................... visit it


Media Klondike & Dietzel n Dietzel

____________As Good as Gold for a Webmaster
Media Klondike will pay you a commission for each order you refer to their sites, which offers your visitors a huge database of movies, music, games, tv shows, etc.

In the member’s area you’ll find a referral link. You earn 10% of everything your referred webmasters take home.
________________Dietzel & Dietzel
a very good low ended program. with great sub-affiliate
a great list of other affiliate programs promoting, free products Lagoon, free web hosting, DVD sales, online gaming, mp3 music, paid survey sites domain names etc.. for complete list

PayPal Referral

Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly.

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